Avah Maldita: Review

Avah Maldita: Review

Avah Maldita: Review

An extraordinary book which bang the heads of many Wattpad readers and ethusiast.

The book ended in 2012. It is one of the novel books on Wattpad that is listed on “What’s Hot”. It attracts tons of readers because of it’s peculiar plot.

Avah Maldita is written by @simplychummy. At first, this book is not that well-known. But suddenly, it hits. Inspite of it’s genre that centered on family.

Avah Chen, is obviously, a maldita. And there’s a such reason why she became like that-her sister, Avy Chen. Almost 70% of the book is all about the feud between Avah and Avy. All the kamalditahans and such.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Kicking my ass off the sofa and kill myself because of so much laughter. There’s a thing on Avah, she’s not the type of brat that you’ll get exasperated and annoyed with. Instead, she’ll make you laugh, HARD! And the “maldita lines” of her, you’ll really love it!

I think the author just have a hard time when Neo Aguilar butt in. Neo Aguilar appeared on the almost end chapters of the book. Chapter 18, I guess. Because this book haven’t a plot, the author-I think-experienced difficulties on writing it.

Other than that, I love how Neo counts his laughs that annoys Avah the most. That’s why I’m still reading book 2 (Avah Forever Maldita) even though, I’m getting frustrated when the update is ‘bitin’.

Hence, I really salutes the author. She justifies the character of Avah. Being a maldita like Avah is not that easy. (Kumbaga, napanindigan ng author ang character ni Avah until the last page of the book.)

I really can’t get enough reading this book. Like, I want to poke the author to update everyday. But on the other hand, I know how hard writing a story is, specially a novel like.

Rating: 9.9/10

-Jhem Osabel


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